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Dear Science Museum Staff,

Since the sponsorship with Adani was announced late 2021, you have witnessed a series of protests taking place inside and outside the Science Museum. We would like to reassure you that, like all protests before, this one is not targeted at the museum staff, and that all our activities are entirely peaceful and safe. We know that the sponsorship deals are decided by management and trustees, not by the frontline museum workers, nor the curators. We intend to stay in the museum over the weekend and leave Sunday morning. We will not disrupt the museum activities, nor prevent the public from visiting the gallery. We call on the Science Museum to break their ties with the fossil fuel industry and we will be there to inform the public on the true story behind the Adani sponsorship.


As you might know, the decision to name a gallery after a subsidiary of Adani, Adani Green Energy, has drawn widespread criticism and protest from indigenous people, scientists, educators and young people, and has led to the resignation of the Science Museum’s former director and two of its trustees. Sponsoring the new Energy Gallery is helping Adani to get away with its pollution, human rights abuses and weapons manufacturing for the genocide in Gaza. By accepting Adani’s money and giving the group a platform to greenwash its activities, the Science Museum is deeply complicit in this suffering.


Dropping inappropriate sponsors is possible, it has been done by most of the other art and cultural institutions in London. By clinging on to its fossil fuel and arms-dealer sponsors, the Science Museum is appearing increasingly out of touch with the rest of the cultural sector, and in complete opposition to the ethical underpinnings of science to work towards equitable and sustainable futures for all instead of the privileged few.We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued professionalism and kindness towards protestors.

Best wishes

Fossil Free Science Museum


​​​​​​​PS: We are aware that communication with us outside or inside the Museum is difficult, however, please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss any item in full confidence.

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