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Our members are working together to keep fossil fuel money and influence out of our Science Museum

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Credit: Crispin Hughes

“Even if the Science Museum were lavishly publicly funded I would still want to have sponsorship from the oil companies.”

 Ian Blatchford, Director, Science Museum Group


London’s Science Museum is currently sponsored by three fossil fuel companies: oil and gas giants BP and Equinor, and Adani - a conglomerate that’s expanding its coal business. These companies are pushing the world further towards dangerous climate disaster, and destroying the lands and livelihoods of frontline and Indigenous communities. 

By allowing them to sponsor its exhibitions, galleries and education programmes, the Science Museum is ignoring the science and promoting some of the world’s biggest polluters. It is normalising these companies’ brands and giving legitimacy to their current fossil fuel extraction and future plans to exploit coal, oil and gas that we need to leave in the ground. Behind the scenes at exhibition openings and private events, these fossil fuel giants are able to promote their plans to policy-makers and extend their political influence.  

We have come together, in solidarity with the communities being impacted, to demand the museum end these fossil fuel sponsorship deals. 

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